A Weekend in Boston and Cambridge
August 28 and 29, 2004

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A ride on the Swan Boat in the Boston Commons

On the Swan Boat in the commons IMG_8282 IMG_8283 IMG_8284 IMG_8285

Rosie and Sarah wave to each other

Rosie waves to Sarah Sarah waves to Rosie Another wave

A stroll through the commons

A snack from the ice cream truck A stroll through the park Admiring the fountain

Make way for ducklings! and Rosie!

Rosie at Make Way for Ducklings Riding a duckling Close inspection

Home for a bath

Back home for a bath mugging for the camera a deprecating moue? sidestroke

Sunday in the playground, dialing her friends

In the playground, Rosie practices dialing the phone Somebody answered!

Rest time after splashing

Max, Rosie on a snack break, Sarah, John Biatti I think it's funny; Rosie thinks I'm crazy Rosie, Sarah

Feeling her Cheerios With Mia Biatti


After a tough day at the playground

Images from an adult visit to the MFA

At the MFA, a Mona Hatoum's Grater Divide

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